Greek food is a really good reason
to visit Greece
Our sailing holidays are ideal for:

people with a disability
seniors sailing holidays
families with small children
very tall people holidays
visually impaired-blind people
holidays with pets
single parent families
gourmet sailing holidays
archaeological tours
1000+1 nights holidays ( with our owners-king size cabin)
adventure holidays: hiking/biking/heavy weather sailing
sailing school cruises
navigation / orienteering
whale / dolphin watching/swimming with dolphins
sea fishing/angling


Greece has one of the best Mediterranean cuisines. Varieties of fresh vegetables and the purest olive oil are used largely. Our guests will try different types of fresh fish and meat with different flavors, which won't be available elsewhere.

Greek cuisine is famous worldwide. Everybody knows the spicy tzatziki salad, the delicious mousaka and of course, the Greek souvlaki, the feta cheese and beyendi. The best way to experience Greek cuisine would be in Greece, with the Greek climate and of course lots of Greek wine.
During your visit, your skipper will guide you to the best locations in the islands, in order to fullest enjoy your food. We often arrange barbeques at the beaches of beautiful unused islands.

There is nothing quite like having barbequed fresh fish, under the moon, where the scent of the sea and the pine trees meet.

We are ready to offer you the best holiday ever...

... the rest is up to you

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