What's included in the Price:
Our sailing holidays are ideal for:

people with a disability
seniors sailing holidays
families with small children
very tall people holidays
visually impaired-blind people
holidays with pets
single parent families
gourmet sailing holidays
archaeological tours
1000+1 nights holidays ( with our owners-king size cabin)
adventure holidays: hiking/biking/heavy weather sailing
sailing school cruises
navigation / orienteering
whale / dolphin watching/swimming with dolphins
sea fishing/angling


sailing holidays

Our all-inclusive sailing holidays for people with special needs operate in the Saronic and Argolic islands, where the weather conditions are ideal, the ports have an easy access, and it is never more than 4 hours sailing time from one port to the next. During sailing we visit wonderful bays for swimming, resting and leisure. We manage our own, brand new, and well maintained yachts. We have carefully installed special safety equipment on board that allows our guests to fully participate in, and enjoy their vacations on the sea. Our yachts can accommodate 6 to 10 passengers, providing them with every luxury and convenience for a truly enjoyable experience. In Greece, Disabled access Sailing Holidays, are the pioneers in the market for disabled sailors, using yachts that are well suited to the task. Our guests need no previous experience. the cruise with this kind of yacht, includes:
a full time captain/guide-hostess who will guide you around the islands of the Saronic and Argolic gulf.

we have special programs for:

Disabled access sailboats charters accessible for wheelchair users, accessible sailing in Greek islands skippered cruises for seniors or families with small children, sail boats holidays for pet lovers sailing charters holidays in Athens 2004 Greece archaeological and historical visits